Company Profile/Overview

Company name Simple'Z
CEO Mr. Kenzo Hiraki
Date of establishment 23 Sep 2014
Capital 5 million yen
Business E-commerce services (Product registration, Creating data for product registration, Image processing,Translation, Websites creation, EC consulting)
Bank CB Bank
Location of Head office 1-10-35 Kamitsu, Kurume, Fukuoka, Japan
830-00551-10-35 Kamitsu, Kurume, Fukuoka, Japan
Location No.112/114/116, 4th Floor, Room 4B, 37th Street, Kyaukdata T/S Yangon
Tel : +95-1-3925 90, +95-9-2524 10858, Email :

Myanmar/Southeast Asia Market
Remarkable Achievements & Group Introduction

Three group companies making achievements in Japan, Myanmar and Southeast Asia will back you up.
We will also provide different services such as Website creation, Image processing, Overseas WEB marketing.

Mac Logic
Hirakishoji Co.,Ltd

Over 50 years establishment of wholesale company for farming equipment

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Simple'Z Co.,Ltd

Production company specialized in EC operations such as product registration and image trimming

True Consulting Co.,Ltd

Japan's best site in over 80 companies , achievements in establishing overseas EC business