We succeeded in reducing of labour costs and outsourcing costs by transferring all outsourcing activities from product registration to store operation to Simple'Z.

Hirakishoji Co.,Ltd
Product Department Manager
Mr. Tomoda Atsushi


Speed up product registration and store management (Inventory and Price adjustment). The challenge is to expand the business opportunities by reducing the time for product registration as inrecent years the competition of the DIY industry has remarkably intensified such as plenty of DIY specialized ECshops, handling DIY products of large home electronics stores, and so on. In addition, the maintenance work such as modifying the product page due to the sharp increase in the number of product items, and the situation in which measures for product planning to increase sales could not be taken due to exhaustion of employees and work pressure.


Non-stop service from data creation for product registration to registration for online malls

Improve efficiency of maintenance work such as reflecting inventory and change of price. Since Simple'Z is the subsidiary of a parent company that has engaged in EC business for more than 10 years, it is familiar with business related to EC. We are able to cope with problems of many shops that discontinued items and shortage of products, and also changes of product prices. It is secured that only Excel data can be delivered without passing account information.

So far the exiting subcontractors could not reflect in original templates, but Simple'Z can flexibly handle its own specifications and create registration data.

Strengthen page to increase sales Measures for improving sales, such as I want to strengthen the product page" and I want to change the ranking are now handed over to Simple'Z instead of parent company. By thinking of the composition of product page at your company and just passing on the material, LP page will be created, and so the burden on the staffs is reduced that it is now possible to concentrate on measures to increase sales.

By doing so, we can immediately transfer to the registration from the data delivered,

so we have achieved success in speeding up the registration work.
In addition, we succeeded in reducing personnel expenses equivalent to three employees in Japan, because we were able to transfer many tasks to simplify such as managing facebook management, adjusting SEO keywords, creating event banners, and so on."