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Image processing, Cutout and Banner creation

Technology required jobs such as image processing, cropping, banner creation can also be supported.Except for banner creation, you can order 5000 items in a month.

Item name Price (1-item) Level Minimum output per month Remarks
Cutting processing 60Yen Light plan Above 1,500 items Process without cutting out the background Resize and Rename, etc.
Cutting processing 100Yen Standard plan Above 1,000 items Process with cutting out the background Price changes with the difficulty.
270Yen Heavy plan Above 500 items
Quotation needed Special plan -

*If you wish to make your plan other than the above, a separate quote will be provided. Please inquire from the inquiry form.
*The contents of the quotation may differ depending on the contents of your request. Please make sure to estimate and request.

Cutting processing Price/Sample data

We have decided the unit price based on the difficulty of process. Please kindly understand that samples are for reference only.
Regarding a large quantity of orders and regular orders, we will grant you a favorable treatment, and so if you wish, please contact us.

Light Plan Standard Plan Heavy Plan Special Plan




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If you place the cursor on the photo, the image after cutout is displayed.

Product image production service

It is a service that creates product images used for online shops such as Rakuten Ichiba, Yahoo! Shop, and Amazon.

Item name Price (1 image) Minimum lot per month Remark
Simple design From 270 yen 500 points or more A simple product image that does not require much design.
(Example) Manufacturer name, product name, product number, product photo 1
Thumbnail production From 270 yen 500 points or more We produce images based on the all-in-one design.
The amount varies depending on the number of steps.


Urgent charges, progress management expenses, etc.

Item name Fee Remark
Hurry charge 30% premium If you are in a hurry and want to deliver products in a shorter delivery time than usual, we will usually accept the unit price + 30%.
Progress management fee 15,000 yen If the "minimum lot per month" is not reached, a separate progress management fee will be charged.
*Depending on the timing of payment closing, the payment may not be the next month's closing but the next month's closing, but the next month's closing may be the next two months.

*All prices exclude tax.