Home Improvement Hirose
Net Shopping Group Leader
Mr. Hiroaki Abe

Chain development of home improvement retailer and food store operations. As a new business, we have a new type of discount store "Trenz" and expanded "Super Combo" which integrates food products including perishable foods into non-food products of conventional home improvement retailers.


As we are managing with a small size of elite professionals, it is difficult to operate net shop management within the company such as image processing and product registration. It is necessary to effectively use outsourcing and operate the net shop. Currently, the company mainly deals with Amazon sellers, and is also expanding to Yahoo Shop based on product information of Amazon sellers.There is an urgent need to make sales increase at the Yahoo Shop, but the contiuning situation in which product registration is not progressing.


Outsourcing of image processing (Image cutout processing / Thumbnail creation) to Simple'Z!

For urgent matter, you can easily request for image cutout (replacing with white background), deliverable with high quality and short lead time.

We can deliver within the day if delivery of goods is up to 100 pieces.

In April 2016, delivered 3000 items of product registration data, although the number of business days of Simple'Z was only 17 days in that month. We continuously request for 5000 items per month, aiming to increase sales of Yahoo Shop.

Voice of the Customer

From Home Improvement Hirose Co., Ltd.

Although it was a newly-launched Yahoo shop, as we had been proceeding with product registration and image update while running an Amazon seller, the work was not keeping up with registration data. For image processing, only a part of the employees in the company could deal with it, and it took time to complete as well. The factor that we decided to request to Simple'Z is the speed of response when we contact. The sample data after the meeting is also provided quickly and accurately. Also, we made a decision that costs would be reduced if we considered to employ specialists. We expect continued expansion of our product line-up of Yahoo shop.